Behind the Ferns

Behind the Ferns

Ongoing SpellBuff • Cost: 2

Channeling (Stays in play. Sacrifice it when you lose your Feral hero.)
Your units with 3 ATK or less have stealth. (Can sneak past patrollers if that opponent has no detector.)

GreenFeral Magic

Card-Specific Rulings

If you have Behind the Ferns and a Steam Tank (3 ATK), then attack a building with Steam Tank, it still does get stealth from Behind the Ferns. The extra ATK from Steam Tank's ability kicks in after the check that lets it sneak past patrollers.Sirlin, 03/04/16
Interactions between Behind the Ferns and Midori's mid-level ability (which gives +2/+2 to units without abilities) depend on the order of events. Some examples using those cards and Overeager Cadet (a 2/2 with no ability). If you pay Ferns -> Cadet -> Midori or Cadet -> Ferns -> Midori, your Overeager Cadet will be a 2/2 with stealth. That's what he is at step 2 of those examples, so at step 3 when Midori's middle ability is involved, it will not buff Cadet because at a that point, Cadet does have an ability (stealth from Behind the Ferns). Similarly if you get Midori -> Cadet -> Ferns or Cadet -> Midori -> Ferns, the Cadet will be a 4/4 before Ferns happens, so it will stay a 4/4 with no abilities. However, if you play in this order: Ferns -> Midori -> Cadet or Midori -> Ferns -> Cadet, then the cadet is arriving while both effects already exist. In these cases it is also a 4/4 with no abilities.Sirlin, 03/04/16

Keyword Rulings: Stealth