Blackhand Dozer

Blackhand Dozer

UnitDemon • Cost: 4 • ATK: 7 • HP: 6

Damage you deal can reduce opposing bases' HP to 6, but not lower.
Dies: Active player destroys one of your lowest tech units.

BlackDemonology Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings

"Damage you deal" means any damage you cause to be dealt. This includes combat damage your units do and damage from spells and abilities you control. If you destroy an opponent's tech building, and it would deal 2 damage, that also won't happen if it would reduce their base to below 6 HP. "You" can even deal damage when it's not your turn, such as if Crash Bomber dies on another player's turn. That also can't bring an opposing base below 6 HP if you have Blackhand Dozer.Sirlin, 03/02/16

Keyword Rulings: Overpower