Brave Knight

Brave Knight

UnitSoldier • Cost: 3 • ATK: 3 • HP: 3

Readiness (Doesn't exhaust to attack, but can only attack once per turn.)
Whenever Brave Knight would die from combat damage, return him to his owner's hand instead.

BluePeace Tech I

Card-Specific Rulings

Combat damage includes damage done while attacking or getting attacked while patrolling. It also includes damage from the overpower and sparkshot keywords as well as damage from the Tower add-on.Sirlin, 03/07/16
When something "deals damage in the form of" something else, such as -1/-1 runes from Plague Spitter, Orpal Gloor, or Poisonblade Rogue, they really did "deal combat damage." Immediately after their form of damage is dealt, check if their victim would die. If yes, that victim counts as "dying from combat damage." Brave Knight will return to his owner's hand in this case.Sirlin, 03/07/16

Keyword Rulings: Readiness