Captain Zane

Captain Zane

HeroBlood Guard Anarchist • Cost: 2

Level 1-3: Haste (Can attack and play ⤵ abilities the turn he arrives.) • ATK: 2 • HP: 2
Level 4-5: Whenever Zane kills a scavenger, get ①.
Whenever Zane kills a technician, draw a card. • ATK: 3 • HP: 3
Level 6: Max level: Shove a patroller to an empty slot in its patrol zone, then deal 1 damage to it. ◎ • ATK: 4 • HP: 4

RedAnarchy Hero

Card-Specific Rulings

Zane's middle ability requires ZANE to kill a scavenger or technician to get a bonus. If Zane himself kills them in combat or if Zane uses the damage from his max level ability, that counts. If another unit or hero kills them, or if Zane uses a spell to kill them, that does not count.Sirlin, 03/03/16
Shoving a patroller to another slot means removing it from the slot its in and putting it in an empty slot in that same patrol zone. It doesn't matter if slots in between are occupied or not.Sirlin, 03/03/16
If all of an opponent's patrol slots are full, there's nowhere to shove a patroller. If you try, it won't go anywhere but you'll still deal 1 damage to it because of the "do as much as you can" rule.Sirlin, 03/03/16

Keyword Rulings: Haste