Spell • Cost: 3

Trash a worker or building card (not add-on), then trash this card. (Trashed cards are removed from the game, not discarded.)

RedAnarchy Magic

Card-Specific Rulings

The point of this spell is to trash an opponent's worker or building card, but you can trash your own if you want.Sirlin, 03/03/16
A "building card" does not mean a base, an add-on (such as the Tower or Surplus), and it does not mean your tech I, II, or III buildings. It does mean building cards that you can have in your deck such as Rickety Mine, Graveyard, Firehouse, etc.Sirlin, 03/03/16
When you trash an opponent's worker, you don't get to choose which worker to destroy (because they're alll considered identical) and you don't get to see the front of the destroyed worker.Sirlin, 03/19/16