Dothram Horselord

Dothram Horselord

UnitSoldier • Cost: 3 • ATK: 6 • HP: 5

Upkeep: If a player has more total ATK than each other player, Dothram Horselord joins their forces.

The horselords follow only the strong.

GreenBalance Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings

Dothram Horselord himself counts in computing a player's total ATK.Sirlin, 03/04/16
If you have control of a Dothram Horselord because Mind Control is attached, Mind Control's effect wins because it's being continuously applied. Effects that happen once (rather than continuously), such as Final Smash stealing control of unit or Community Service giving you control of an opponent's unit, DO get overridden by Dothram Horselord's ability, because newer triggers beat older triggers.Sirlin, 03/19/16

Keyword Rulings: Overpower