Drakk Ramhorn

Drakk Ramhorn

HeroWar Drummer • Cost: 2

Level 1-3: Dies: Deal 1 damage to each opponent's base. ◎ • ATK: 1 • HP: 3
Level 4-5: Your units get Frenzy 1 (+1 ATK on your turn.) • ATK: 2 • HP: 3
Level 6: The first unit that arrives from your hand each turn gets haste. • ATK: 3 • HP: 4

RedBlood Hero

Card-Specific Rulings

If a unit arrives from your hand, then after that you control a max level Drakk, then another unit arrives from your hand, NEITHER of those units will get haste from Drakk's max level ability. The second one won't because his ability only ever cares about the first unit per turn that arrives from your hand. The first one in this example also doesn't because you didn't have a max level Drakk when you played that unit, and Drakk's ability can't retroactively grant haste to units you played earlier in the turn.Sirlin, 03/03/16
There are many ways to get units other than "arriving from your hand." If you play a spell from your hand that summons units, such as Murkwood Allies, that does not count as the unit "arriving from your hand." If you play a unit and it goes to an opponent's Jail, then play another unit so your first unit arrives from Jail, it never "arrived from your hand." If you play a forecasted unit, it goes to the future, then it later arrives from that zone, so it never "arrived from your hand" either. You can get units in these various ways and still have Drakk's max level ability trigger that turn once you finally have a unit actually arrive from your hand for the first time that turn.Sirlin, 03/03/16
Though the unit must "arrive from your hand" to benefit from Drakk's max level ability, it doesn't have to be PLAYED from hand. Feral Strike and Skeletal Lord's ability, for example, "put something into play" from your hand. Even though that's different from "playing" those things, Drakk's ability still does work because they "arrived from your hand."Sirlin, 03/19/16
In 2v2 (Two-Headed Dragon) games, each team only has one base. If Draak dies, he'll deal just one damage to the other team's base.Sirlin, 03/03/16
Drakk's max level ability grants Haste to units permanently.sharpo, 11/24/16

Keyword Rulings: Frenzy X, Haste