Fairie Dragon

Fairie Dragon

UnitDragon • Cost: 4 • ATK: 4 • HP: 2

Arrives: You may put a feather rune on a tech I or II unit.
Units with feather runes are 3/1 and have flying.

GreenBalance Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings

If Fairie Dragon leaves play, units with feather runes no longer have flying and are no longer 3/1. If a Fairie Dragon later enters play, any units with a feather rune (even from a previous Fairie Dragon) will be flying and will be 3/1.Sirlin, 03/02/16
If something such as Manufactured Truth copies a unit with a feather rune, the copy will not have the rune, will not be 3/1 and will not have flying.Sirlin, 03/04/16
Fairie Dragon only changes the "base" ATK and health of those units; runes and other effects can add or subtract ATK or health.Sirlin, 03/19/16
Units with feather runes gain flying, but don't lose any of their other abilities.Sirlin, 03/19/16

Keyword Rulings: Flying