Free Speech

Free Speech

SpellDebuff • Cost: 2

Silence an opponent. (Their heroes can't cast spells and lose all abilities until after that opponent's next turn.)

BlueTruth Magic

Card-Specific Rulings

Opponents can still level up their heroes even if they are silenced. Heroes that reach the next band of levels still heal their damage even if their controller is silenced.Sirlin, 03/07/16
If you use Free Speech on an opponent and that opponent plays a new hero on their next turn (in which they are still silenced), that new hero loses all abilities and can't cast spells.Sirlin, 03/07/16
A hero that "loses all abilities" from the silence effect can't get new abilities either. For example, it can't be granted anti-air or sparkshot from Elite Training, though it can be granted +1 ATK and 1 armor from that same spell because those are stats and not "abilities."Sirlin, 03/07/16
When the silence effect ends, that players heroes are now able to have abilities again. (Imagine the abilities written on their character card are erased during the silence effect, then appear again when the duration ends.)Sirlin, 03/07/16
A silenced opponent can still play spells using Cinderblast Dragon or Guargum, Eternal Sentinelsharpo, 11/24/16