Gilded Glaxx

Gilded Glaxx

UnitMech Soldier • Cost: 3 • ATK: 3 • HP: 4

While you have gold in your gold pile, you can't sacrifice Gilded Glaxx and he can't leave play unless he dies from combat damage.

PurpleFuture Tech I

Card-Specific Rulings

You only check if he "died from combat damage" when combat damage is actually dealt to him, not at other times. For example, if the Sickness spell puts a -1/-1 rune on him (that's not combat damage) and this causes him to have 0 HP, he will not die. The next time he is dealt combat damage by something though, he WILL die. So the steps are 1) was any combat damage dealt to him? 2) if yes, then see if he has 0 HP or less, 3) if yes, then he dies.Sirlin, 03/11/16
If something "deals combat damage in the form of" something else, such as Plague Spitter, Poisonblade Rogue, or Orpal Gloor, then that CAN count as Glaxx "dying from combat damage". After those things deal combat damage (in the form of -1/-1 runes or whatever else), check if Glaxx has 0 or less HP to see if he dies.Sirlin, 03/11/16
If Glaxx has 0 or less HP, and he has 1 point of armor, then he takes 1 combat damage, he doesn't die, unless it was 1 point of damage from something with deathtouch, then he does die. Damage that merely removes armor doesn't quality as "dying to combat damage" but deathtouch specifically says that deathtouch-type combat damage DOES kill things merely by hitting their armor.Sirlin, 03/11/16
Some effects like Obliterate, Sacrifice the Weak, and Death Rites ask a player to destroy or sacrifice the unit that is the least according to some ordering. These effects skip units with Indestructible and units that cannot leave play.sharpo, 11/24/16