Grave Stormborne

Grave Stormborne

HeroWind Warrior • Cost: 2

Level 1-2: Sparkshot (When attacking a patroller, deals 1 damage to an adjacent patroller.) • ATK: 2 • HP: 3
Level 3-6: Readiness (Doesn't exhaust to attack, but can only attack once per turn.) • ATK: 3 • HP: 4
Level 7: Max Level: Put a sword rune on this.
⤵, Remove a sword rune → Destroy a unit or hero. ◎ • ATK: 4 • HP: 5

WhiteDiscipline Hero

Card-Specific Rulings

You can't activate his max level ability while attacking and he can't attack if he's exhausted. So if you want to attack and use his ability in the same turn, you generally have to attack first, and then use his ability after he finishes attacking. If he can't survive an attack, you'll have to pick which one you want to do.Sirlin, 03/19/16

Keyword Rulings: Sparkshot, Readiness