Insurance Agent

Insurance Agent

UnitAdministrator • Cost: 1 • ATK: 2 • HP: 2

Arrives: Put an insurance rune on a unit. When that insured unit dies, gain gold equal to its gold cost and draw a card.

BlueLaw Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings

If you use the ability on an Illusion, the Illusion immediately dies when targeted, never gets an insurance rune, and is thus never considered "insured." You don't get gold when it dies.Sirlin, 03/01/16
If Insurance Agent dies, his effect is no longer active. The insurance rune on his target now does nothing, even if you play a new Insurance Agent. The new Insurance Agent will place a new insurance rune on something, but he won't interact with the previous rune because of the "that unit" phrase on the ability.Sirlin, 03/01/16
If the unit with the insurance rune leaves play without dying, you don't get the gold. For example, if it returns to someone's hand with Undo or is trashed somehow. If it's "destroyed" or "sacrificed" you do get the gold, because destroying or sacrificing a unit causes it to die.Sirlin, 03/01/16
If Plague Lab adds a second insurance rune to a unit, that doesn't let you collect insurance money twice. The insurance rune itself doesn't actually do anything—it's just a tangible marker and memory aid.Sirlin, 03/02/16
If you have two Insurance Agents in play insuring the same unit, you can get double the gold and cards when it dies (since their abilities work independently).Sirlin, 03/19/16
If Insurance Agent is insuring a unit, then you make something else a copy of that Insurance Agent, the copy will NOT also be insuring the unit. When you make something a copy of something else, it doesn't arrive so no arrive triggers happen. The copy does not get to put the insurance rune anywhere, and the rest of the copy's ability is looking for where that particular rune went. Because the copy never put a rune anywhere, the copy is not insuring anyting at all.Sirlin, 03/20/16