Ironbark Treant

Ironbark Treant

UnitTree • Cost: 3 • ATK: 3 • HP: 2

-2 ATK / +2 armor while patrolling. (Armor absorbs damage before HP and is then destroyed.)

"Let thy armies be the rocks, the trees, and the birds in the sky."

Green Tech 0

Card-Specific Rulings

He's a 3/2 on your turn. The -2 ATK / +2 armor only happens on opponents turns and only while he's in your patrol zone. If something removes him from your patrol zone on an opponent's turn, he loses the stat adjustment.Sirlin, 03/04/16
In a free-for-all game, if one opponent deals enough damage to remove some or all of his armor, but not kill him, he will have 2 new armor on the next opponent's turn.Sirlin, 03/04/16