Liberty Gryphon

Liberty Gryphon

UnitGryphon Illusion • Cost: 3 • ATK: 5 • HP: 5

(Illusions die when ◎ by spells or abilities.)
Flying, haste
Unstoppable, unattackable, and untargetable while you control an Illusion with any other name than Liberty Gryphon.

BlueTruth Tech III

Card-Specific Rulings

If you control a Liberty Gryphon and Mirror Illusion copy of Liberty Gryphon, those both have the name "Liberty Gryphon." If you don't control any Illusions other than those, then your Liberty Gryphons do not get the keywords: unstoppable, unattackable, untargetable.Sirlin, 03/01/16

Keyword Rulings: Flying, Haste, Illusion, Unstoppable, Untargetable