Patriot Gryphon

Patriot Gryphon

UnitGryphon • Cost: 8 • ATK: 6 • HP: 7

Flying, resist 2 (Opponents must pay ② each time they would ◎ this with a spell or ability.)
Unstoppable by units with 2 ATK or less.
Whenever Patriot Gryphon destroys a building, he also deals his ATK to that opponent's base.

BluePeace Tech III

Card-Specific Rulings

As an example, if Patriot Gryphon attacks a tech II building, he'll destroy that tech building because he deals 6 damage to it. As usual, that tech building being destroyed deals 2 damage to its controller's base. Then, because of Patriot Gryphon's ability, he'll deal an additional 6 damage to that same base.Sirlin, 03/07/16

Keyword Rulings: Flying, Resist X, Unstoppable