Second Chances

Second Chances

Upgrade • Cost: 2

Whenever one of your non-token units leaves play from something other than combat damage, return it to play. Once-per-turn. (Choose randomly if multiples leave at once.)

PurplePast Tech II

Card-Specific Rulings

When this returns a unit to play, it returns in a "fresh" state. It's a new object, and no longer has any properties of the old object such as +1/+1 runes, damage, being a dance partner from Two Step, etc. It also returns ready (not exhausted) and it can't attack or use exhaust abilities unless it has haste.Sirlin, 03/11/16
This does trigger on opponent's turns. So it can trigger once on your own turn, again on an opponent's turn, then again when it's your following turn, etc.Sirlin, 03/11/16
If you steal a unit with Kidnapping, and this would then "return it to play," it returns under your control, not the original owner's control. "Return" effects check the last controller, rather than the owner.Sirlin, 03/11/16
If one of your TOKEN units leaves play, then it's destroyed as usual. (Tokens can't go to other zones than in play.) This does not use up the "once-per-turn" of Second Chances, so Second Chances will still trigger later than turn if one of your non-token units dies from something other than combat damage.Sirlin, 03/11/16
The sparkshot ability and the Tower add-on deal combat damage, so if these kill one of your units, Second Chances won't save it. Second Chances will save units affected by Undo, Rewind, Doom Grasp (whether it was the sacrifice effect OR destroy effect!), Hooded Executioner's ability, the obliterate ability, damage from Flame Arrow or Shadow Blade, to name a few.Sirlin, 03/11/16