Temporal Research

Temporal Research

Minor Spell • Cost: 2

Draw a card.
If you have 3 or more time runes, draw another card.
If you have 10 or more time runes, draw another card.

Purple Magic

Card-Specific Rulings

The time runes on your forecasted cards count too, even though those are "in the future" and not in play. Time runes from fading or from Tricycloid also count.Sirlin, 03/11/16
You resolve a spell's effect before discarding it, so Temporal Research cannot draw itself from its own effect. You first draw cards from Temporal Research's effect, and you reshuffle your discard pile into your draw pile if you would draw from empty draw pile. Then, you discard Temporal Research when you have finished resolving its effect.Sirlin, 03/11/16