Twilight Baron

Twilight Baron

UnitDemon • Cost: 4 • ATK: 4 • HP: 4

Overpower (Excess combat damage this would deal to a patroller hits something else this could attack.)
You can't play tech II or III units.

BlackDemonology Tech I

Card-Specific Rulings

If you already have tech II units in play, it's ok to play Twilight Baron. It's just that while he is in play, you cannot play any more tech II units.Sirlin, 03/02/16
Though you can't "play" tech II units, you can still "put them into play" by any effect that's worded that way.Sirlin, 03/02/16
You can play tech II buildings and upgrades; those are not units.Sirlin, 03/02/16
If a tech II unit has forecast, such as Reaver, you still can't play it while you have Twilight Baron. You can play Reaver first, then play Twilight Baron, then have Reaver's forecast ability cause it to enter play though.Sirlin, 03/02/16

Keyword Rulings: Overpower