When attacking a patroller, deals 1 damage to an adjacent patroller.

Sparkshot Rulings

Sparkshot can only hit something 1 slot over from the thing you're attacking (an adjacent slot). It can't hit something two slots away even if it's the closest patroller (that is no longer ADJACENT to the thing you're attacking).Sirlin, 03/11/16
This counts as combat damage (it can kill Gilded Glaxx for example) and it counts as an ability (so something that has sparkshot cannot get +2/+2 from Midori's middle ability).Sirlin, 03/11/16
Sparkshot damage is dealt simultaneously with all other combat damage.Sirlin, 03/11/16
Sparkshot CAN hit a flier even if the attacker with sparkshot doesn't have anti-air.Sirlin, 03/14/16
Sparkshot doesn't [target].sharpo, 03/27/16
Sparkshot does stack. A unit with 2 instances of sparkshot will get to deal 2 damage to an adjacent patroller or 1 damage to each of 2 adjacent patrollers.sharpo, 09/16/16